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Learn about the services we provide at Andar Costa Rica. We are confident about the solution you are looking for.

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We are a team of professionals dedicated to the care of feet. We have years of experience and dedication.

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Visit our web site and keep informed. You will find tips about health and care for your feet.

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Care of our feet

Why is so important to take care of our feet? Feet represent one of the greatest importance areas for our body because they are subject to bear the weight of our body and cope with stress in our daily activities. Therefore, we must not forget them and leave them in a second flat.

What do we offer?

Andar Costa Rica are a podiatric clinic where offer all type of services for the care of your feet, as treatments preventive, deep cleaning feet, massages, exfoliation, hydration, and many more. We also offer corrective treatments for treat problems as: fungi, diabetic foot,  ingrown nail, warts plantar, callus, among others.

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Trust your feet to professionals! If you need any treatment for your feet or just want to pamper them and keep them always beautiful and healthy, please do not hesitate to make your appointment at our podiatric clinic located in Escazú Costa Rica for an evaluation with our professional team.

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Special podiatric care for our patients in Costa Rica.

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Very good deal

Excellent very good treatment. I recommend them, they have a very friendly staff...

- Alex Batista

Excellent attention

Good schedules, excellent service, and care with your feet, thank you!

- Ely Acero