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Nail Fungus

The management and cure of a nail fungus will always depend on the specific type of fungus involved. In our clinic, we have experience with more than 40 types of fungi that commonly affect nails, and to date, we have conducted over 500 laboratory cultures.

It is important to understand first of all that not every change in color and thickness in a nail necessarily indicates a fungus. Approximately 25% of nails that consult for possible fungus are actually clean and have other diagnoses ranging from trauma to genetic issues in nail growth.

As a second important point, there are fungi that are cured with creams and pills are ineffective, others that are cured with pills and creams are not effective; there are cases where removing the nail usually cures it (25% of cases) but in most cases, nail removal causes the fungus to become stronger (because it invades the nail bed more) and the same happens with laser treatment where there are fungi that can be cured with laser and other cases where it tends to worsen.

Now, understanding these two previous points, that is why the success in addressing onychomycosis in our clinic is due to the vast experience in the various types of fungi that can affect a nail and which can only be known through laboratory testing.

In our clinic, the sample for culture is also taken in the same medical consultation since this is an operator-dependent study, meaning both the person taking the sample and the one viewing it under the microscope must have extensive experience. For example, the person taking the sample must know that nail scrapings do not work and must be able to locate the specific sector of a nail to send to the laboratory to trace a fungus.

Based on all of the above and supported by scientific evidence, our clinic has such high success rates in curing onychomycosis (Nail fungus).

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