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Ingrown Toenail

The management of an ingrown toenail will always depend on the severity and how chronic the process is. In our clinic, we offer various treatments ranging from non-surgical conservative approaches to those strictly requiring surgery.

The success of our ingrown toenail management is thanks to our classification of patients based on the severity of their problem, offering individualized treatment according to whether there is a problem in the shape (pinched nail) or thickness of the nail (onychoptosis), a problem in the anatomy of the skin surrounding the nail (hypertrophy of the perionychium), or a problem in the nail and skin.

Our hallmark of quality lies in having medical equipment that allows us to often perform painless extraction of an ingrown nail edge, many times without anesthesia, thanks to our precise equipment for manipulation. If anesthesia is required, it would be applied without hesitation, as with current advances, extracting a nail should not equate to torture. Achieving painless extraction of an ingrown toenail is something that in the past was believed to be impossible but we have achieved it in the majority of cases. We take the motto of avoiding unnecessary harm very seriously.

Internationally, the Gold Standard surgery for managing ingrown toenails is matricectomy. We practice surgical matricectomy, which has an effectiveness rate of 98%. We are the only podiatry center that performs it in the country, first because it is performed by a doctor (with experience in more than 300 matricectomies), and second because of its accuracy in removing the nail matrix.

Therefore, considering this whole panorama, it should be understood that ingrown toenails have a complex management and not everything is about extracting a nail and that’s it, as nail extraction has a probability of 77% of growing even more ingrown in the long term instead of improving it.

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