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Commonly known in Costa Rica as “Ojo de pescado” or “Ojo de pájaro,” plantar warts are caused by human papillomavirus types 1 and 2. Although the virus is not the same (there are more than 40 subtypes) as those that cause sexually transmitted diseases or cancers in the genitals, they are highly contagious and can increase in number and size in the infected patient.

Plantar warts have a more complex management compared to other lesions, such as warts commonly known as “mezquinos,” which are caused by the same virus strains.

Plantar warts often manifest as deep lesions, making topical treatments like acids ineffective. In our clinic, we perform the most effective known treatment and have increased cure rates thanks to a local cream treatment, which basically activates the immune system locally to eradicate the virus after the initial intervention.

The most important aspect in the removal and cure of plantar warts is always monitoring for relapses at 3 and 6 weeks to ensure complete virus elimination in the early stages. Additionally, it’s important to advise the patient to clean all surfaces where the initial lesion has had contact to prevent cross-contamination (for example, from footwear to skin and vice versa).

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